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Theme Park Creates Real-Life Angry Birds Game!

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Leave it to China to create the mother of all copyright infringements! The Window Of the World Theme Park located in the Chinese city of Changsha has opened up their latest attraction, which they brazenly call "The Real Version of Angry Birds." Rovio, the creators of the game, are all like 'Say WHA?'


The IRL game is pretty much what you would expect. You take plush angry bird knock-offs and, using a giant slingshot, shoot them into porky inflatable pigs. A Theme park official said "This serves as a method for people to purge themselves and to gain happiness." You know it, theme park official! It would feel so RAD to actually kill those firetrucking pigs with your own bare hands! I'm raging just thinking about them snorting like…well pigs, while hoarding all my eggs!


Of course Rovio is none too pleased with the game and are trying to join into some kind of partnership with the theme park. Rovio is definitely treading carefully here. Angry Birds is the third most counterfeited brand in China and naturally Rovio would like to translate that into sales. I would like Rovio to translate that into Angry Bird IRL games in the good ol' USA!  


So good on you China! You have proved once and for all that you are the king of piracy and counterfeiting. Your knock-offs continue to be LEGENDARY!


Here's a look at the game in action:

How bad do you wanna play real-life angry birds? Let me know @desijedeikin or tell me in the comments!

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