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There’s Now a Smosh Card Game Called ‘MasterDebaters’ and It’s Fun as Hell

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You know the good people here at would never ask you to step away from the internet for a moment unless it was an amazingly good reason, and guess what, we finally have an amazingly good reason. No it’s not for your health. It’s more important than that. We have a MOTHERFLIPPIN CARD GAME.

smosh masterdebaters

MasterDebaters is known as “the game of sticky situations” and now there’s a Smosh Edition with questions created by some of the best minds here at Smosh.

Basically, you argue with your friends about world-changing debate topics like:

Is a spork more spoon or more fork?

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Should leggings be worn as pants?

There are literally hundreds of fun questions, and you have to make the case to the players serving as judge and jury. If you’re a master of debating and have deep thoughts on stupid topics, this is your chance to prove it to your friends.

smosh masterdebaters

The game is available IRL at Target now, or you can order your copy on Target’s website HERE.

Don’t forget to tweet us @Smosh with any pics or videos of you playing the game!