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These 6 Dudes Are Probably The Lamest Street Fighter Characters Ever

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Next year will see the release of a new Street Fighter, and while it’s called Street Fighter 5, it’s really, like, the 50th game in the series. Each Street Fighter is released, and then re-released, and the re-released again, each time with new characters and a new subtitle like “Turbo” or “Alpha” or “Testosterone” or whatever. Because of all these editions, the series has one of the largest rosters in all of video games, so of course there are going to be a couple of duds here and there. And here they are — the lamest Street Fighter characters ever

Dan Hibiki

street fighter dan

Dan Hibiki first appeared as a secret character in Street Fighter Alpha, but these days he’s been promoted to a regular character. Originally conceived of as joke, Dan Hibiki was based on characters from Art of Fighting, a game made by a rival company, and is the worst of the Street Fighters. Choosing Dan is like choosing to lose. His fireball, known as a Gadoken, has no range and he stumbles when he tries to throw another character. There are fans that like Dan, but that’s only because they like laughing at him. Dan Hibiki may be a joke, but the joke is on the player that selects him.

Dee Jay

street fighter dj

When Super Street Fighter 2 was released, one of the additions was Dee Jay, a musician/kick-boxer fighting for musical inspiration. While other characters were fighting to stop M. Bison from taking over the world, this guy was just trying to write a song. He was also included in the live-action movie, where his story was completely changed, and he became some Jamaican guy that worked for M. Bison. So, no matter which version you go with, he’s still lame.


street fighter gill

The final boss of Street Fighter II, M. Bison, could make children cry by looking at them. In Street Fighter 3, the final boss was this dude, Gill, who looks like a hippie. While he does want to take over the world, it’s only so he can create a utopia. Why were we fighting to stop him if he was going to make a utopia?


street fighter rufus

Playing as Rufus is almost hypnotizing — whoever programmed his belly physics went way overboard. Every time this guy moves, his belly jiggles around, and it’s all I can look at.


street fighter oro

While Street Fighter II was made up of mostly normal fighters from around the world, Street Fighter 3 seemed to be full of almost inhuman characters. Oro was an immortal hermit with magical powers. He literally fought with one arm tied behind his back, and was also barely wearing any clothes. So far, Oro has only appeared in the Street Fighter 3 games, which is good because we don’t need to see a naked old man in 3D. Not at all.


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