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The Thing With Two Heads: The Best Movie Ever!

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Let's talk about the film classic, The Thing With Two Heads. If you haven't seen it… it's a MUST rent. Just from the title, you know what this movie is about. Oh, and the poster helps.

It may be ridiculous, but it’s also beautiful. I mean just a still frame from this movie could also be framed art.

It’s the classic tale of an unlikely duo paired together…except their two heads are actually attached to the same body. One is an evil, racist doctor who ditched his own body because he was dying of cancer, while the other is a black man on death row who agrees to the surgery out of desperation.

What’s worse…dying or having a hateful bigot attached to your body?

The evil Doctor knows the two-headed situation is only temporary because the body cannot support both heads. He intends to have the convict’s head surgically removed while taking over his body forever. Jeez isn’t this always the case with dying, racist doctors?

Rosey Grier, who also played in the NFL prior to becoming a movie star, plays the part of Jack Moss, the death row convict. His performance is solid despite his lack of acting ability. Probably the best performance of an athlete turned actor besides maybe MJ in Space Jam? Just kidding…

The best part of the movie is the epic police chase that takes place with our characters in a car, on foot, and on a motorcycle. Isn’t it funny how in these typical, classic chase scenes the cops are always the worst drivers ever? Is that really sending the right message to the criminals of America?

After the chase they go to Moss’s girlfriend’s house to lay low. Things get interesting in the bedroom when his girlfriend asks if he has two of anything else she doesn’t know about… Do nipples count?

While presented appropriately, the film does build upon many racial stereotypes, but it's mostly just a crazy film that you will want to share with your friends and family. Socially relevant, hoaky, and the constant image of a man with two heads walking around arguing civil rights.

The film doesn't have to courage to address racism against men in gorilla suits

In short, the film may not be critically acclaimed but succeeds as a Cult Classic. It’s not supposed to be taken seriously, because it’s a joke. There’s no way we could take a man with two heads seriously.

I mean have we ever taken Ben Affleck and Matt Damon seriously?

I assure you, this movie rocks. Have you seen it? WOULD you see it? Let us know in the comments!


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