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Things About Jon Hamm That Are Better Than Kim Kardashian

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Last week Jon Hamm said Kim Kardashian was a f*cking idiot. Kim Kardashian quickly responded to the criticism by accidentally swallowing her own thumb, and then tripping over a small dog.

Then Kim went on to insist that she's actually pretty great, but is she great? Great  enough to be greater than Jon Hamm? No. She is actually super crappy. And horses should go to the bathroom on her. Jon Hamm is better than her. And here are just a few reasons why:


He's Famous For Having An Actual Talent


Jon Hamm is an amazing actor with a wide range that allows him to travel smoothly between powerful dramatic and hilarious comedic roles. Kim Kardashian comes home drunk some nights and pisses herself.


He Worked Hard To Get Where He Is


Jon Hamm worked as a teacher and a waiter for many years as he struggled through Hollywood to try and live a dream that he deeply cared about, that he had a great deal of passion for. Kim Kardashian fell out of her mother's womb covered in afterbirth and $100 bills and then spent her childhood years lighting homeless people on fire to amuse herself.


He Played Leon Csolgosz In "Assassins"


Did Kim Kardashian ever play Leon Csolgosz, celebrated Anarchist assasin of hated plutocrat President William McKinley, in the film "Assasins"? Not even one time!


Jon Hamm Looks Great In A Tuxedo


Nobody looks better in a tux than Jon Hamm. Kim Kardashian on the other hand looks like Hot Steve Urkel.


He And His Wife Own A Dog They Adopted From An Animal Rescue Shelter


It is named Cora, and it is adorable. Kim, on the other hand, owns a human being, that she makes eat grass because it hurts to sh*t grass and she likes to watch him hurt.



He Won A Golden Globe For Best Actor


Showing the world that he is at the very height of his craft. Kim Kardashian also won a Golden Globe, but it was for, "Best Accidentally Killing A Corgi By Falling Asleep On It After Taking Too Many Vicadins."


Why else is Jon Hamm better than Kim Kardashian? Let us know in the comments!


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