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Things That Are Only Okay In Summer

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“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy,” says that song (from Porgy and Bess, if you must know). But why is summertime exempt from the hardships of life? What if we applied the same sentiment to say, the month of October? We’ve already established that we have it in us. Work on that year-round happiness, Smosh reader. Anyway, until that day (have you started working on it? probably not, it is summer after all), here are some things that are only okay in summer.


1. Jorts


Jean shorts. Especially cutoffs. That’s like someone tore a pair of jeans and, too lazy to refine the edges, passed it off as a fashion trend. In the winter, this would be seen as ripped pants. In the summer, they’re a viable excuse for thigh displacement.


2.Dating Stupid People


It’s summer’s fault. So damn romantic… it makes even the snobbiest among us lenient on our significant others. You don’t need to hang out with a rocket scientist to enjoy things like sitting on a patio and lounging by a lake. Just put off any decisions til the fall, when one of you will (hopefully) have somewhere else to be.


3. Capturing The Flag


Any other time of year this would be seen as treason, but every summer, espionage and invasion is downright encouraged amongst America’s youth. It’s a thin line between Capture the Flag and what goes on at Qaeda training camps. They just have more caves.


4. Napping


In February, if you spend your weekends sleeping four-to-five hours in the middle of the day, you’re considered a lazy sack of crap. If you do the same thing at a beach in July, people are like, “Good for you. And your scorched skin looks great!”


5.Toe Liberation


For three months a year, our toes know freedom. Unfettered by the constraints of the “decent” or “supportive” shoe, we allow our extremities to breathe, blisters and odor be damned. But come fall, those uppity toes will start demanding things like “warmth” and “fungal treatment,” and you’ll be forced to send them back to the confines of a sock.


6. Rubdowns from friends


Sunscreen: the ultimate decoy. Asking friends to rub lotion all over your body in the middle of spring will probably be ill-received, but come summer solstice, you’re good to go for a little hand-action from whomever doesn’t want you to get skin cancer. Summer rules.

What do you guys think? Can you think of more things that are only okay in summer? Tell us in the comments section!

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