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Things To Do For Earth Day: Alternate Activities For Your Weekend

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Are you bored on Earth Day? WHO ISN'T, right? Well, if you are looking for some great ways to help the planet, we have a few suggestions…


Clean Up The Beach

Get rid of that Co2 emitting hot woman, stat.


Plant A Tree

Obama crush little tree! Obama hate little tree!



It's the right thing to do.



Cleanliness starts at home. Also this kid was never heard from again.


Keep Cows From Passing Gas

Cows are one of the leading emmiters of Carbon Dioxide. They must be stopped.


Stop This Glacier From Melting

A national treasure… vanishing thanks to our callous actions.


Clean Up After Yourself

What a lot of people don't know about this picture is that that dog is actually cleaning up my waste…


Walk Instead Of Drive



Help Al Gore Defeat Polluters The Only Way He Knows How

Justice is a dish best served hot.


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