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7 Things Everyone Used to Have That You Don’t See Anymore

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There’s probably a giant collection of Beanie Babies in your closet right now. Your Neopets are probably dying and they miss you. There are a bunch of things that we played with everyday and we don’t even think about them anymore! Someone should put up a gravestone in remembrance of everything we let die… or write a post about it! Here are some things everyone use to have that no one has anymore!



If you didn’t have at least 30 Webkinz and a membership to their online game, you’re either not from this planet or you’re lying to yourself. These things were EVERYWHERE! It’s so sad such an innocent stuffed animal trend died, but all good things have to come to an end. (Besides, I forgot my login information to their website, so what’s the point?)

Tech decks

tech decks

Tech decks were small skateboards that seemed to be everywhere. You couldn’t walk a foot without seeing some kids doing a sick kick flip with their fingers. There were so many boards to collect, this trend stayed alive before people started realized they were paying 15 dollars for a skateboard they couldn’t even ride.

Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon Cards

pokemon cards

I didn’t even know how to play Yu-Gi-Oh, but I had at least 80 cards and a little holder to keep them safe. And if you didn’t have Yu-Gi-Oh cards, you had Pokémon cards. Maybe you were the one kid that actually knew how to play with Pokémon cards and got frustrated that everyone else only kept buying them to find a Pikachu. But either way, these cards were fun to have and I totally don’t regret all the money I spent on them! (Yes I do.)



In the 2000s, you couldn’t see peoples arms, they were so covered with Sillybandz. When you took a band off, it would be a shape and some people use to tan with them so they could have, like, dinosaur prints on their stomach. People would walk around with purple hands because these bracelets cut off blood flow at the wrist. Everyone went crazy with Sillybandz, and then, like everything must, they died. RIP Sillybandz.

Kooky pens

kooky pens

No one ever used these pens with different names and bodies and hair colors. although they would attach them to their backpacks and brag about how they managed to fight off a mob for the last mummy pen. This trend was especially dumb, and I’m sad to admit that I still own 20 of them.

Lisa Frank anything

lisa frank notebooks

Everyone had Lisa Frank stuff — those colorful dolphins took over the world. If you didn’t have anything Lisa Frank, you’ve seen its folders at Staples or used your friend’s unicorn notebook. Somehow, everyone knows about Lisa Frank products.



Nintendogs gave us both the chance to have dogs and some great memories, like collecting presents on your dog’s walks, or not going on your Nintendo for a week and coming back to a filthy apartment and sad pups. Either way, Nintendogs was a great learning experience that taught all of us that we should never own dogs.

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