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5 Things Everyone Who Played a Team Sport in School Knows to Be True

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Playing a sport isn’t about learning how to get good at basketball or roller hockey (or even Quiddich). Playing a sport is about developing life skills, like sportsmanship and teamwork. You can learn many life lessons from playing a team sport, if you just let the sport teach you. Here are some of the things everyone learns when they hit the field.

It’s not about winning, it’s about friendship

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. At the end of the day, it’s the team that matters. You’re going to be put on a team with the one person you said you’d never want anything to do with. But by the end of the season, you two put aside your fierce rivalry, work together, and become best friends. That’s what playing sports is all about!

The coach who’s tough on you does it because he cares

Your coach is always riding your ass and giving it to you extra hard on the field, but maybe he believes in you more than you believe in you? Sure, he yells at you while he makes you do push-ups in the mud when it’s raining, but it’s only because he doesn’t want to see you end up like your deadbeat older brother (who he also coached).

Sometimes you gotta pretend to be the opposite sex to prove yourself

If nobody thinks you can play the sport you want to play, pretend to be the opposite sex in order to show everyone that yes, yes you can. If you’re a girl, cut your hair short, and change your name to “Tim”. You’ll prove to those boys that you can play football. If you’re a boy, grab a wig, wear a dress as part of your team uniform (even if it’s not part of your actual team’s uniform) and show everyone that boys are just athletically superior. And try not to fall in love, even though it’s bound to happen!

A dog can play basketball

Think dogs can’t play basketball? Think again! When you play a team sport, one of the first lessons you learn is that a dog is man’s best friend both off and on the field. You don’t need opposable thumbs to slam dunk. And when your Golden Retriever shoots a free throw, it’s both inspirational and adorable. In sports, you just gotta throw out the word “impossible”.

You always win if you’re the underdog

The bases are loaded at the bottom of the ninth. You’re down by 46 points. Nobody believed in your team this entire season. But you gotta win this game, otherwise you’re not going to raise enough money Little Stevie to get his cancer treatment. No matter how unlikely things seem, somehow you miraculously score those 46 points in the last second of the game! Victory!

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