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Things I Wish Tyler Perry Presented

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Tyler Perry presents a lot of things. He's presented Houses of Payne, Madea going to jail, Madea's family reunion, Madea's Big Fat Greek Wedding- the list is endless. But outside of Tyler Perry fans no one really benefits from the things he is presenting. If only Tyler Perry would present some things I actually wanted. Here is a list of things I would like to see Tyler Perry present.


Tyler Perry Presents Pizza, To Me

I want him to come to my house and present me a hot pizza, because I'm STARVING right now. Plus, since Tyler Perry is presenting it, I can expect the pizza to be a mix of zany comedy, serious drama, and pepperoni.


Tyler Perry Presents "Black Swan 2: Diary of A Mad Black Swan"

Tyler Perry's nimble storytelling and dark sensibility would be perfect for the sequel to the beloved Academy Award nominated film.


Tyler Perry Presents… Presents

It would be so literal! Plus, I love presents!


Tyler Perry Presents… Puppies! In The Middle Of The Night! Unexpectedly! Is He OK?

Who doesn't want Tyler Perry knocking on their door at 4 in the morning, reeking of gin, pulling puppies out of a torn sack and throwing them past you into the foyer?


Tyler Perry Presents… Free Unlimited Cosmic Bowling

Tyler Perry's Madea character may not be everyone's cup of tea, but a night of unlimited cosmic bowling will turn anyone's frown upside down.


Tyler Perry Presents Madea's House Of Pain Where The Brown Family That Preys Does Bad All By Themselves Then Goes To Jail

If he combines everything he makes into one thing, then it will be easier to not see.


Tyler Perry Presents Women, To Men Who Do Not Have Them

I would like Tyler Perry way better if he constantly brought me chicks. Any chick would do. They don't have to be cool or anything. They can have scraggly teeth, even.


Tyler Perry Presents A Little Girl Fighting A Bengal Tiger

Really, I'd just like to see that. (Before you think I'm some kind of jerk, I'm rooting for the little girl, of course. GO GIRL!)


What else should Tyler Perry Present? Let us know in the comments!

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