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Things Rebecca Black Does On The Other Days Of The Week

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We know what pop sensation Rebecca Black does on Friday… she’s lookin’ forward to the weekend! But what does she do the rest of the week? Cause there’s also Thursday and Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards. People wanna know—what does the rest of the week look like for the internet’s latest ‘superstar.’


Saturday – Recover From Friday

It should come as no surprise that Rebecca needs to take it easy on Saturday—eat a bowl of Fruit Loops, google Ice Cube and see what’s happening in Webkinz World. I mean Hello? She spent all Friday night partyin’ like a Christian rock star. She had a ball. She had fun, fun, fun. And she’s not saying anything…but I think something might’ve gone down with this guy:


Sunday-Study…Yeah Right!

Like a lot of girls her age Rebecca is a total Belieber. So on Sunday nights when she’s supposed to be doing her homework, she actually spends her time drawing Bieber fan art (singing isn’t her only talent!) and writing in her dream journal. She can scratch recording ‘artist’ off her list! Up next—bottle feeding an orphaned kitten!


Monday – Girl’s Night!

You don’t think Rebecca and her friends just busted those hot dance moves out of nowhere did you? Every Monday they take an Old School hip hop dance class. You might recognize some of the moves they picked up from the video.

Who could forget “rocking the accordion”

And the smoking hot ‘forever alone.’


Tuesday – Glee!

You know Rebecca loves to get her Gleek on! She’s one of the few who doesn’t get incredibly uncomfortable when Mr. Shue raps. That night before she goes to sleep, she always prays someone will invent an autotune that makes her sound like Lea Michele.


Wednesday – Bail The ‘Rapper’ Out

It’s always something with this Tone Loc wannabe! When he’s not getting busted for drag racing school buses, he’s getting popped for showing up at parties for teenagers. He is definitely Rebecca’s most whack friend. She still thinks he’s cool and all, but it’s getting a little creepy when he shows up on Fridays and tries to get everyone to play a game of spin the bottle.


Thursday – Start Freaking Out About Friday

Thursdays are a huge bummer. First she gets in trouble at school for daydreaming about Friday. And then Thursday nights can be worse than Christmas Eve! She's so, so excited she can’t fall asleep. But then her excitement turns to panic…is she fresh enough? Which seat will she take? Should she kick it in the front seat or just sit in the back seat? ARGGHHHH…she hates making her mind up! The only way she can calm herself is rocking back and forth while repeating the mantra “fun, fun, think about fun”.

What are some other things Rebecca might do the rest of the week? Let us know in the comments below!


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