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Things You’re Really Doing When You Should Be Studying For Finals

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No TV, no internet, no phone…until finals are over. FML indeed. Your Mom has basically sentenced you to study hell. You try to convince her that there’s no point in studying until the night before the test…but she sees your patented study technique as procrastination and doesn’t want you cramming last minute. Well, she can send you to your room, but she can’t make you study. You’re not putting it off…there’s just a few more pressing things you need to take care of first.


Turning Your Cat Into A Meme


Move over cheezburger cats. Take a bow Lenin cat. There’s a new lolcat in town. And he has a puffy scared-y cat tail that looks like, well…something else. I have a feeling Porn Star Kitteh will be really HUGE.


Taking Photos of Your Stormtrooper Action Figures


You’ll get to world history…but your priority right now is finishing the definitive volume of Star Wars history that has been your life’s obsession. Sure everyone focuses on the main characters, but little is known about what the Stormtroopers do when they’re off the clock. They goof around with their friends, they watch South Park, they have secret crushes on Queen Amidala. Stormtroopers! They’re just like us!


Making A Bucket List


After all…at the end of your life when you look back on all you’ve done, are you really gonna think about rocking your final exams? No! You’re gonna think about how you never went to Comic-Con and how you never got to second base with a hot chick dressed as batgirl. Don’t forget to leave the list lying around so your sister can find it and put it up on the internet! The world is just waiting to mock you!


Organizing Your Pokemon Collection


Your mom thinks she’s helping when she cleans your room…but how can you possibly focus on your studies when your Pikachus are no longer in size order, and WTF is Ash doing with Team Rocket? MOM!!!!! I have to admit the girl in the picture has an impressive collection. All that’s missing is a Pokemon mirror that says “I choose you, Forever Alone” when she looks into it. SNAP!


Revising Your Sister’s Diary


Because who knows… one day her diary might be studied in school. It’s possible! And since your mom is apparently so concerned about education, it’s only right that future generations know that her ‘boyfriend Gary’ is really a Justin Bieber pillowcase covered in cherry flavored lip balm and slobber.


Making Dust Bunnies


You’ll probably never need algebra again…but you will always need a way to dispose of dust bunnies. And people are really into green living these days…so you may have a lucrative business on your hands. In your face, Mom! Although I don’t recommend making anything out of the belly button lint you’ve been saving…that would be creepy.


Planning Ways To Get Emma Watson


After all, what is high school graduation really worth if you don’t have someone you love to share it with? The only thing you’re more behind on than studying, is Operation: Hermione. You better get to work because I’m pretty sure ‘I’d love to Slytherin your Hufflepuff’ is not the clincher you think it is!


Finish Painting Your Modern-Day Masterpiece


Just because art class has been dropped due to budget cuts, doesn’t mean that it’s not an important part of a well-rounded education! You’ve been home-schooling yourself for months! If your mom doesn’t seem impressed when she catches you painting instead of studying, just show her a first draft of the above painting:


So fess up! What do you do when you’re supposed to be studying? Let us know in the comments!

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