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This Thread About Why Millennials Are Taking Longer to Grow Up Is Too Damn Accurate

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The Millennial generation has gotten a lot of sh*t from older generations ever since they came upon the age of adulthood. From being told they can’t buy houses because they spend too much money on avocado toast to being blamed for basically every sh*tty restaurant chain going out of business, Millennials just can’t seem to do anything worthy of praise in the eyes of Baby Boomers. But a Twitter thread by user Spumpkin Pice has a theory on why Millennials are taking longer to grow up than the generations before us… and it’s so accurate it hurts.

Holy sh*t. This feels like being hit in the face with a truth stick, smashing into a million little pieces, and then coming back together without having a panic attack for once! GUYS, WE’RE GONNA BE FI– oh, never mind. Just got a notification that I’ve got 10 more years to pay off that student loan! Everything is hard and the only way to do get through it is to procrastinate on adulthood forever, eat avocado toast, Postmates a pizza and binge watch Stranger Things.

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