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The "Tide Pod Challenge" Took the Tide Pod Meme to a Whole New Level

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Last week, the internet got off to a great 2018 start with the idea of eating Tide Pods becoming a meme. Now, the “Tide Pod Challenge”, in which teens are actually going the extra step and actually putting the Tide Pods in their mouths and even cooking/consuming them, is making the rounds on the internet. News outlets like USA Today now feel the need to warn parents not to let their kids eat the detergent pods.

Yes, this is actually happening…

As much as these memes CLEARLY started out as a joke, and many of these challenges are jokes themselves, this is a case of how a funny, innocent meme can turn into something, very, very bad. Because for every 10 people that are in on the “joke”, there’s always that one person who’s going to consume a damn Tide Pod. So the moral of the story is this: don’t do the Tide Pod Challenge? In case that wasn’t completely obvious to you in the first place?

That said, DO participate in the creation of Tide Pod memes, because those are just fun.

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