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19 Times Winnie the Pooh Was Literally You

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Oh, bother. I’m so rumbly in my tumbly right now, but I don’t have anything to eat. Think, think, think. I know — I’ll take a nap! WAIT A SECOND. DID I JUST BECOME WINNIE THE POOH RIGHT THERE?! Crazy. Winnie The Pooh is a little dumb, a little naive, and a little chubby, but he is a loyal and thoughtful friend. We all have a little Pooh inside of us. (Yes, I realize how that sounds.) Here are the times Pooh was literally you:

When he ran from his problems

pooh running from problems children show

When he wore what he wanted

winnie pooh crop top tumblr funny

When he thought first of himself

pooh selfish tumblr funny children

When he was a little slow

pooh funny joke dumb

When he didn’t want to accept reality 


When he was addicted to sugar

pooh swimming honey like you

When he just didn’t give AF

pooh winnie no bothers funny

When he had his priorities straight

pooh funny quote breakfast honey children


pooh important something to eat

Whenever he just couldn’t figure it out

pooh think think think childhood you

When he was just trying to keep his head above water

pooh important save honey funny

When he was in a tough spot and decided just to go to sleep

pooh funny tough spot sleep

When he felt a little stupid

mind full of fluff pooh funny

When he was messy and didn’t care 


When he was distracted by his rumbly tummy

pooh gif rumbly tummy children book

When he loved naps

pooh nap funny you children

When he didn’t understand

pooh staring homework math children

When he owned it

pooh short fat loves body

When he put on a few extra pounds

pooh bear gained weight funny

When he loved eating that one thing



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