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17 Funniest Reactions to the “F*ck Batman!” Trailer (aka: The Titans Trailer)

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The trailer for the DC Universe‘s inaugural live-action TV Show, Titans, dropped today, and within mere hours of its release, fans took to Twitter to share their raw, hilarious, and absolutely spot-on opinions over it. And we’re right there with them, because this thing is so f*cking dark, you could tell us that it’s actually just a parody of a DC Universe show directed by Zac Snyder himself as part of an elaborate Comic Con prank, or some kind of mocking prelude to an upcoming Deadpool 3 trailer, and we would absolutely believe you:

We just want to crawl into the screen and whisper to Robin, “Sun’s gettin’ real low, big guy”, because honestly we don’t know how else to stop his cold, shadow-drenched madness. Of course, we can’t do that, because there is literally no Sun in the Titans world to “get low” in the first place — there is only darkness here. A darkness somehow made even darker with lines like “f*ck Batman”, and the crunching sound of Robin mercilessly breaking a man’s neck by f*cking stepping on it.

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But luckily out of all this darkness, there is a light: A torch, made out of the flames of hilarious twitter reactions…

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