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Tom Hardy to Get Terrible Tattoo After Losing Bet to Leonardo DiCaprio

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Because filming The Revenant in the woods while they were wet and cold and dirty must’ve felt like it was just dragging on, the film’s stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy had to look towards the future, and envision themselves being rewarded for their work. But while DiCaprio had to know he’d be nominated and eventually win an Academy Award for his performance, it sounds like Tom Hardy just didn’t believe in himself. In an interview with Esquire UK, Tom Hardy revealed he was sure the Academy would overlook his performance. Leonardo DiCaprio believed he would be, and the two made a high-stakes bet — the loser would get a tattoo of the winner’s choice on their body.

<and because I don't necessarily want to believe that Leonardo DiCaprio really wants to tarnish his good bud's bod, I have to think he made the bet to inspire Tom Hardy, an already world-renowned actor and multi-millionaire, to stop doubting himself and reach his full potential.

tom hardy tattoo hardy
If Tom Hardy really applied himself, he could probably invent cold fusion or an electric car or a TV dinner packaging that didn’t leave the outside of the chicken-fried steak way too hot and the inside still kind of frozen.
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Of course, Hardy did receive a Best Supporting Actor nod form the Academy, meaning DiCaprio won the bet. So what tattoo did he choose? A simple sentence: “Leo was right”. And what a disappointment — tattoos are permanent. How many of us get a chance to troll a friend for literally the rest of their lives? “Leo was right”? Why doesn’t he get creative?! Why not put a completely bonkers tattoo on Tom Hardy and let him puzzle over its meaning for the rest of his days?!

tom hardy tattoo bruce willis
I’m thinking something like this image of Bruce Willis eating a chicken pot pie but in the art style of Calvin & Hobbes.

Describing how he found out what the tattoo penance would be, Hardy told Esquire, “He wrote, in this really sh*tty handwriting: ‘Leo knows everything’. Ha! I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll get it done, but you have to write it properly.'”

So does Tom Hardy not know how bets work? He’s not in a position to make demands! He lost! The power all lies with Leonardo DiCaprio! Having him re-write the words is like a hostage in a bank robbery asking if she can get her latte with soy milk instead of regular milk.

tom hardy tattoo bank robber
“I didn’t even offer you a latte!”

But here’s what worries me: Tom Hardy’s body is an important part of his acting career. We give him a glance and decide if he’s hero or villain, strong or weak, confident or scared. And if he has “Leo was right” written on himself, well, it makes him look less heroic, less strong, less confident. I mean, if Leo got one over on him, why couldn’t any other character in the movie? What if Hardy’s playing a drug kingpin, or a drill sargent, or brutal dictator? You know, the type of person you CAN’T get one over on? Can an actor convincingly play a role with a phrase tattooed on their body that contradicts their character? The producers of Fight Club didn’t think so, which is why they CGI’d out Brad Pitt’s tattoo at the last minute:

tom hardy tattoo brad pitt


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