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Top 10 Best Kristen Stewart Facial Expressions Of 2010

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People are always criticizing Kristen Stewart for being a wooden actress who doesn't have much range. This couldn't be further from the truth. Kristen Stewart has the ability to portray as wide a range of emotions as any of the best actresses working in Hollywood today, and to prove it, here are some of her most powerful facial expressions.


1. The "I Think I'm Being Followed"

Kristen is great at looking like someone is following her.


2. The "Dad I'm Not A Kid Anymore!"

Some of Kristen's best roles are her telling her dad or mom that she's not a kid anymore/ or to stop treating her like a kid. Look at how she makes her eyes look like they want to tell her Dad off. How does she do it! Even she doesn't know!


3. The "Stop Being Weird Jacob We're Just Friends!"

This is one of Kristen's best facial expressions. Jacob does totally crush on Bella, and it is totally weird, but if Kristen Stewart wasn't great at making her face look pissed about it we might not know that.


4. The "Oh Come On, A Speeding Ticket? I Was Going 67 In A 65. Are You Serious? You're Serious. Jesus."

When Kristen Stewart's characters get pulled over for speeding tickets they get miffed, and thanks to Kristen Stewart's great acting, you know it.


5. The "I Was Very Clear That I Didn't Want Olives On My Salad. Take It Back."

Often Kristen Stewart's characters do not like olives on their salad, directors pick her for roles where the actress needs to show facially that she doesn't like olives on her salad, because they know Kristen will nail it every time.


6. The "I Told The Red Cross To Stop Calling Me, I Don't Want To Give Blood, Please Take My Name Off Your Call List."

Last year Kristen Stewart won the academy award for "Best Scene Where the character is upset she's on a Red Cross call list," and you can see why.


7. The "I'm Darth Vader For Halloween This Year."

Kristen Stewart was worried she would get typecast as characters who love to be Darth Vader for Halloween, but that hasn't happened so far for the most part.


8. The "I Should Never Have Gotten That Papa Roach Tattoo"

According to Sanford Meisner, the originator of the "Meisner" acting technique, one of the most difficult jobs in acting is to really embody someone who has gotten a Papa Roach tattoo on their forehead and regrets it. Kristen makes it look easy.


9. The "Is That A Bee On My Shoulder. OMG That's A FIRETRUCKING BEE ON MY SHOULDER."

Kristen loves bees more than she loves even her own parents or children, but you wouldn't know that based on her character's facial expression.


10. The "Do You Like All These Live Crabs In My Hair? I Think It Looks Cute."

Kristen Stewart has never been one to put lots of live crabs in her hair as a sort of hat, but she portrays someone who loves having lots of live crabs in their hair so well you'd think she'd been doing it her whole life.


What are some of your favorite Kristen Stewart facial expressions? Let us know in the comments!


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