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Top 10 Robot Boxing Movies of 2011!

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It’s time once again to pick the top robot boxing movies of the year! Here at Smosh, we get all our editors together in a conference room, order pizza, lock the door, and don’t come out until we’ve got our list. I won’t lie, things got a little heated, but I think we came up with a list that everyone involved can live with. And so, without further ado, here is the 2011 edition of our Top Ten Robot Boxing movies!


10. Real Steel


This story of a little boy who goes to live with his dad to robot box is one of the best robot boxing movies of the year. I was entertained throughout the entire movie and all the robot boxing felt palpable and real. The fight between Adam and Metro alone justifies Real Steel’s spot on this list.


9. Real Steel


“Metal smashing metal. Steel smashing steel.” This line from Real Steel sums up what is great about the movie, and in a lot of ways, gets to the heart of what we love about robot boxing movies.


8. Real Steel


In terms of pure storytelling, Real Steel is great. The emotional arc of Hugh Jackman as he learns to accept his son into his life is one of the top robot boxing moments of the year. Real Steel is a movie that has as much heart as it does robot boxing.


7. Real Steel


Real Steel is pure, visceral robot boxing movie fun. The fights had me cheering in my own living room!


6. Real Steel


Adam is one of the greatest robot boxing characters of all time. A bold claim, I know, but after seeing Adam mimick Max using his shadow function, I practically forgot about every other robot boxing movie character I watched this year.


5. Real Steel


Real Steel is a good movie!


4. Real Steel


The sound design in Real Steel is great. The punches sound brutal, the crowd’s roar is intense, and all the dialogue perfectly matches the actors’ lips.


3. Real Steel


Did you know Kate from Lost was in Real Steel? I did not know Kate from Lost was in Real Steel.


2. Real Steel


One often overlooked aspect of robot boxing movies is humor. When Hugh Jackman asks for five dollars for a picture with his robot boxer early on in Real Steel, it’s very funny. But later, when those same little girls leave with his robot’s leg, they demand five dollars from him, Real Steel moves on to a whole new level of hilarity. Also, that announcer says calls one of the robot boxing matches “ridonkulous”. Ha ha, wow!


And the number one robot boxing movie of the year is…


1. Real Steel


Our robot boxing movie of the year is Real Steel, a movie that has everything a robot boxing movie needs: humor, heart, and robot boxing.

All right, it’s time for you to tell us where we were wrong! Which robot boxing movies do you think should have made the list and which robot boxing movies can you not BELIEVE made the list? Let us know in the comments below!!

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