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Top 10 Sexiest Football Players

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In honor of the Superbowl this weekend, my skills of finding scintillating manly men have been focused into the studly world of football. Though I may not understand their strange and frightening sports world, I sure do appreciate their handsome mugs and impressive biceps, hopefully you do as well.


10. Trent Edwards – Quarterback, Jacksonville Jaguars

To look sexy when apathetic is a hard thing to pull off, you and your killer biceps would receive a warm welcome from my loving arms. Just sayin’.


9. David Anderson -Wide Receiver, Houston Texans

This guy looks like he would take you out to a nice Southern Dance Hall, that even though he knows everyone from the bouncer to the bartender would still give you his full attention. And then at the end of all of that romance, he would still take you to the gun show.


8. Hunter Hillenmeyer – Outside Linebacker, Chicago Bears

This guy wins the title for most whimsical last name that almost sounds like he may also be the heir to a jelly and jelly-product fortune. But he sure is pretty.


7. Jason Taylor – Outside Linebacker/Defensive End, New York Jets

Proving that bald men are not only sexy but manly and hot and sweaty and awesome! Go Jets!


6. Joe Flacco – Quarterback, Baltimore Ravens

This guy is just one added sparkle in his eye away from being the bass player in a super muscley boy band.


5. Mark Sanchez – Quarterback, New York Jets

Rumor has it this guy walked straight off of a Enrique Iglesias music video and onto the football field. Even though I’m not a dude, I gotta say – Way to ruin it for every dude, ever.


4. Miles Austin – Wide Receiver, Dallas Cowboys

Everyone likes to hate on the Cowboys but I don't care. I’d go for this guy anyway… despite his team and the fact that he’s an ex of Kim Kardashian, so yeah – he’s THAT good looking.


3. Tom Brady – Quarterback, New England Patriots

Of course a guy this hot is with super hot Giselle Bunchen. But all I’m saying is that the moment Giselle messes up – I’m in there. Check me.


2. Reggie Bush – Tall back, New Orleans Saints

Yet ANOTHER Kim Kardashian ex! In my fantasy Reggie and Miles both duke it out to see who is the cuter Kardashian ex. There is no winner, they cancel each other out in cuteness.


1. Wes Welker – Wide Receiver, New England Patriots

Wes has by far the most American name in all of the NFL – and that’s saying a lot considering the sport institution as a whole bleeds red, white and blue on the day-to-day. I don’t know about you guys, but just a single gaze into those baby blues and I’m feeling a lot of national pride.

I don't care about football but I'll be watching those sexy football players running around in their tight pants in the Superbowl on Sunday. What sexy football players make you drool? Let me know in the comments so I can Google them and drool with you.


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