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Top 20 Viral Videos Of 2011

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This list was hard to write, and you probably don’t agree with it. I’m not even sure I agree with it. I mean, this was a great year for viral videos. How do you choose? (Also, including Smosh videos seems unfair, since, you know, they run the place. Otherwise Legend of Zelda Rap and Pokemon in Real Life 2 would be on here.) You might notice that there is a slight overlap between this list and my Top 10 Memes of 2011 list. Well, guess what? I’m like the Honey Badger and I don’t care. Sometimes a good viral video becomes a good meme too. DEAL WITH IT. Here are the best viral videos of 2011.


20. Ultimate Dog Tease


I have no doubt that this is how dogs actually think.


19. My daughter has chosen the Dark Side


Only now do you see the true power of the Dark Side.


18. NOPE! Chuck Testa


Chuck Testa became the most famous taxidermist in the world with this brilliant commercial from Rhett and Link. NOPE!


17. Thumbs Up For Rock and Roll


This kid delivers what might be the most inspiring speech I’ve ever heard. If you keep with it, you will learn how to ride a bike. Believe in yourself! Bonus: The kickass musical version.


16. George Lucas Strikes Back


It’s the Star Wars project we wish would actually happen.


15: Pale kid raps fast


Holy crap, he’s got what they call “skills.”


14. QWOP: The Movie


The maddeningly difficult video game finally is brought to life.


13. Classic Tablecloth Trick


Nailed it.


12. Zangief Kid


Anyone who has even been bullied has wanted to do this. Plus, you know, there were some good remixes.


11. Monopoly Movie Trailer


Normally movies based on board games are pretty stupid, but this one I want to see. Frequent SmoshPit writers, Jessica and Dan worked on this. GOOD WORK GUYS.


10. The Force: Volkswagen Commercial


Commercials are almost always disqualified from this sort of thing, but this one was just so darn cute.


9. Jian Sword Dancing


What the damn is this? What is grandma doing there? Is that dog going to get stabbed in the face with a sword? Why is this shot like a scene from Napoleon Dynamite? This video poses some tough questions.


8. Gritty Live Action Mario Trailer


How much like a real indie movie does this look like? It looks EXACTLY like a real indie movie, doesn’t it?


7. Most things by 331Erock


Although he didn’t have one especially viral “hit” in 2011, his brutal rocking guitar versions of unlikely songs made him a frequent feature in the SmoshPit. Check out his version of Party Rock Anthem, Super Bass, and the Harry Potter theme.


6. eHarmony Video Bio


Is this fake? This is fake. But MAN, when you didn’t know this was fake, this was the best.


5. Talking Twin Babies


Back in March, everyone from your Mom to Patton Oswalt was crazy about these two babies that seem to be having a very serious conversation.


4. Le Internet Medley


Although catchy and packed with plenty of references to your favorite bits of internet culture, this one is slightly disturbing. Things just don’t seem as special when they’ve been collected and organized and regurgitated.


3. Honey Badger (Warning: Contains Swears)


This should be shown in science classrooms.


2. Friday


For a glorious moment, the entire internet was united in its hatred of Rebecca Black: a 13-year-old girl who sings like someone dropped an elderly frog in a oscillating fan. And the lyrics? “Tomorrow is Saturday And Sunday comes after … wards. I don't want this weekend to end.” That is comedy GOLD. Friday basically ruined an entire day of the week forever. Now THAT is a powerful viral video.


1. Nyan Cat


I can’t even explain why anyone likes this video. It’s an animated gif of a 8-bit cat that is part pastry and craps rainbows in space. Nothing happens in the video. NOTHING. But there sure is something special about that cat. NYAN 4 LYFE.

Any good videos I missed? Which good ones did I miss? Let me in the comments, and may 2012 bring us even more video joy.



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