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Top 5 Funnest School Supplies!

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There are very few fun things to look forward to when going back to school. I mean, obviously, recess. Lunch is fine. And I guess English if you're some sort of nerd. But one fun part of going back to school is using all those sweet supplies you picked up. And here are the funnest school supplies to use!



bunch of markers


The fun part is you can draw anything you want to draw, including a lion fighting a Power Ranger, a jetpack wearing pirate, or your house with your dad still living there!



row of backpacks


The funnest part about a new backpack is that it's a container for other things. What kind of things? Well who knows what your parents tossed in your backpack the night before? It could be anything—something horrific, like rat skeletons, or something amazing, like balloons and Jolly Ranchers!

It's usually just, like, folders and a bag lunch, though.


Just a giant sack of mechanical pencils

bag of trash


No one likes using old pencils you have to sharpen. But if you have mechanical pencils, you can loan them to everyone around you. This will help you make friends! Did you know that giving other kids mechanical pencils is literally the only way to make friends? Make sure you have an excessively large sack of mechanical pencils, though, or else the next day your friends will all e gone again.



row of highlighters


There's nothing funner than highlighters because you can use them to remember your favorite quotes from books, like in Enrest Hemmingway's "A Clean, Well Lighted Place" when the waiters discuss why the last man in the cafe:"He was going to kill himself." "Why?" "He was in depair." Wouldn't those words be so much better in yellow?


Staple remover

close up staple remover


This is a safe place. We can be honest here. Not one single person has ever used a staple remover to remove a staple. It became either a toothpick or a paper shredder. Maybe, for some very little boys, it could talk, and become some sort of a monster, a pet, a friend. Maybe having a staple remover pal could make eating lunch all by himself a little less lonely. Yep, it sure was fun having a staple remover!


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