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The Top Craziest Water Slides On Earth!

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School is almost over and the weather is heating up. We love the summer months because it means long days where we can hang out and relax with our friends. And what better way to chill out and cool down than at a water park? We love a thrill (and a challenge) but these death-defying water slides almost made us pee our pants just thinking about sliding down them.


6. Cliffhanger – Galveston, Texas


It’s didn’t get the name the “Cliffhanger” for no good reason! Once you’re at the top, you have to slide down an 80-foot drop in order to get to the bottom. Maybe they should rename it the “Wedge Water Slide.”


5. Insano – Ceara, Brazil


So you think you’re the ultimate daredevil? You have to fly all the way to Ceara, Brazil, to conquer the world’s tallest water slide – “Insano.” If the name doesn’t scare you away, picture standing at the top of a 14-story drop and having the water rushing so fast that you get to the bottom in less than five seconds! Go ahead, take the plunge – we dare you!


4. Leap of Faith – Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas


It takes a lot of guts to volunteer to slide down this 60-foot talk Maya replica water slide not only because it’s super tall but it also shoots daring swimmers through a tube into a shark tank! Can you say crazy pants?!


3. Summit Plummet – Orlando, Florida


Have you ever looked out a 12-story building window and thought, ‘Wow, I wish I could just slide down to the ground?’ Well now you have your chance. Don’t let the picturesque snow fool you – this 12-story drop is no sleigh ride.


2. AquaLOOP – Morvci, Slovenia


Getting the courage to slide down any of these suckers is tough enough, but imagine getting launched down one like a human rocket. This water slide in Slovenia has sliders stand over a trap door where a lever is pulled, dropping them down a tunnel than propels them through an upside-down loop. How do you say, ‘pee your pants excitement’ in Slovenian?


1. The Wildebeest – Santa Claus, Indiana


With so many twists, turns and drops (seven to be exact!), we challenge you NOT to scream like a baby all the way down.



What’s the craziest water slide you’ve ever gone down? Were you nervous or excited?

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