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True Hero Terry Crews Helps Random Girl Put His Face on Her Debit Card

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While there are a lot of things about living in 2017 that just plain SUCK, these modern times have given us a few solid upgrades. Think about the fact that we can put pretty much any image on our debit cards we want. Since we use our debit cards every day, it’s important to have an image on there that’s going to make us smile and totally not regret wasting all of our hard-earned money on sh*t we truly do not need. Enter one Twitter user named Darrel Kennedy, who ingeniously opted to use a picture of actor Terry Crews for her debit card design…

Why that pic? Because everyone knows a picture of Terry Crews judging you is the best way to shame yourself into spending more wisely. It’s basic economics.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as a click of a button to make this dream debit design a reality…

Luckily for Darrel, Terry Crews happens to be a hero IRL as well as on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so he agreed to let her use the image via a written tweet (that counts, right banks?).

Following Terry’s approval, Darrel took it up with her bank, and it looks like the story had a happy ending…

This is undoubtedly going to start a trend of fans using images of their favorite celebs as their debit card backgrounds, and so be it! If I want America’s Cool Dad Tom Hanks smiling back at me while I buy a burrito at Chipotle that’s going to make me instantly gain 3 pounds, then LET ME HAVE IT!