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7 of Tumblr’s Main Exports

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People, Tumblr is here to stay, it would seem. It has its own weird culture that sometimes gets a little heady. But what does Tumblr actually GIVE us? Well, after doing some very significant undercover work (I looked at some of them), I’m back with what I believe are Tumblr’s main exports…


Doctor Who Memes

terrible doctor who eme


Tumblr is absolutely for (sometimes glorious, sometimes not so much) weirdos, and there is no show more perfectly designed for the at-least-mildly socially ill-adapted than one about an alien who keeps looking like different human males, who time/ space travels in a … telephone box? I don’t know, I’m not sullying my browser history by checking, but the point is, it’s a weird show. So it makes sense that the Doctor (“Please, my father was The Doctor. Call me Who. I play first base in a very old comedy routine.”) would be all over the place.


Impossible To Read Comments

this guy can’t read


Hey, you know when you have a conversation by reblogging each other, and adding new comments? Well those first comments quickly become nigh-on impossible to read. Miles long, but with only about three characters per line, no one is going to be influenced by something that demands Zodiac-level puzzle solving skills to decipher.



lion is embarrassed


Tumblr should be renamed “Almost exclusively pornography”. There’s so much of it. It’s no different than the internet itself, really. A bunch of interesting, bold ideas, held up by a backbone of smut.


A Bunch Of One Thing

bride throwing a cat like a bouquet


“Huh. This blog really is nothing but ‘Casper The Friendly Ghost, Throwing Eggs At Cars On Halloween. In The Future.’ Neat?” Nothing has given a voice to mountains of examples of very specific, one-note jokes more than Tumblr. And that’s great. Long-form writing is good and valuable, but sometimes you just want to sit in a dark room, by yourself, and laugh at the same joke over and over.


Accidental Facebook Posts



People, our Facebook timelines do not need to be a throng of every Tumblr post (also; tweets) that you make. Go to settings, and turn this off.



how the trigger warning took over the internet


People are worked UP on Tumblr. Whether it be blog after blog “debunking” gamer gate or discussing “privilege” in various groups and cultures, people on Tumblr just can’t seem to let things lie, or let people enjoy themselves …


Justified Outrage

post from vintage chicana


… which is good! People shouldn’t let things lie, just because some, or a lot, of people enjoy those things. Art is rarely, if ever, perfect, and we can’t grow as a society or individuals if we’re not questioning what we consume. “Gamer Gate” deserves to be debunked (not that it was hard to do so), and privilege is real. Acknowledging and talking about it doesn’t make you a monster — it makes you a more fully realized person by acknowledging the perspectives of other people.


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