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10 TV Friendships That Are #GOALS

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Good friends are hard to come by and it doesn’t help that television sets such high friendship expectations. Here are 10 TV friendships that are enviable AF.

1. Abbi and Ilana, Broad City

besties abbi ilana

Not only are they BFFs on the show, they’re BFFs IRL, which only makes this friendship more #goals-worthy. They’d even go to hell for each other.

2. Ann and Leslie, Parks and Rec

besties ann leslie

You are a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk-ox. Get you a friend like Leslie Knope, who will compliment and uplift you and throw amazing parties for you. And get you a friend like Ann Perkins, who will encourage you to bend the rules and support you through all your ambitious endeavors. I’m crying right now thinking about this.

3. Finn and Jake, Adventure Time

besties finn jake

Oh, to be brothers AND best friends AND adventurers! Finn and Jake compliment each other so nicely, each offering the other wisdom when the other needs it. They’re both swell guys and we should all be so lucky to be friends who are roommates that don’t want to kill each other.

4. Dustin, Lucas, Mike, Will, and Eleven, Stranger Things

besties stranger things

Do I even have to tell you why this is #goals-like? Do you have a group of friends who would search for you when you went missing in the Upside Down? Or bring the psychic beat down on a bully for you? The best part is that the kids are #squadgoals even outside of the show.

5. Chandler and Joey, Friends

besties chandler joey

Everyone likes to talk about Monica and Rachel, but let’s be real — Chandler and Joey are the real friendship goals here. They always know how to have a good time and the best ways to support each other. Their friendship can weather any storm, fowl or fair. (Get it?)

6. Steven and Connie, Steven Universe

besties steven connie

Unconditional love and acceptance is the breeding ground for deep friendships. Steven and Connie understand and trust each other so much, they can become the fusion Stevonnie. Their mutual support and respect is nothing short of #goals.

7. Jessica and Trish, Jessica Jones


Here are two people who’ve experienced different forms of trauma empathizing and loving and supporting each other. Trish doesn’t put up with Jessica’s rough-around-the-edges attitude, but she is there for her no matter what. And Jessica would do anything for Trish.

8. Jimmy Jr. and Zeke, Bob’s Burgers

besties jimmy jr zeke

These two goofballs are both alike in their goofiness. While Zeke could stand to call out Jimmy Jr. for how he treats Tina, these are two pals who support each others’ interests, be it wrestling or dancing.

9. Troy and Abed, Community

besties troy abed

From dope secret handshakes to smooth raps, Troy and Abed hold it down with well-timed high fives and endless references. They have their disagreements (who doesn’t?) with Abed being unable to adequately express emotions and Troy being a little too emotional, but at the end of the day, they’re better together than apart.

10. Daria and Jane, Daria

besties daria jane

Snark is always more fun when you have someone to riff off of, and Daria and Jane are prime examples of that. Sticking together through good times and bad over pizza, this duo survives high school with timeless sarcasm.

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