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The Best TV News Bloopers

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While it may seem that TV news reporters speak impeccably, more Siri than human, once in every magical while they flub a line or experience something unexpected. The difference between news reporters and us, though, is that we experience something awkward in front of one or two people and feel mortified for the next week. Their mistake is broadcast in front of thousands and they have to somehow recover. Let’s take a looksie at TV’s best news bloopers. Just FYI…these videos might look all the same, but are queued up so that different clips play. So definitely play!

This really makes me want to have a TV hooked up to… TV? How did it even work back in the olden days? Well, I want the thing where you just plugged in your TV and then these magical news shows played all day long. Which one was your favorite? Let me know on Twitter @AndiHester!