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TV Shows That Should Be Amusement Park Rides

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We've seen tons of pop culture-themed amusement park rides, such as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Transformers: The Movie: The Ride. But where is the TV amusement park love? Doesn't anyone realize that TV is better now than any entertainment medium has ever been at any point in it's history? Here are some TV-based rides that must happen.


Scrubs: The Roller Coaster


The Scrubs roller coaster would be flat and on its' right have a sign that says "Comedy" and on the left one that reads "Drama". When it starts the coaster violently jerks you back and forth.


The Smallville Experience


This is what Six Flags already calls the seemingly ten year long line for Superman: The Ride.


The Community Flume


"You would seriously love this ride if you'd go on it just once instead of always going on the Modern Family ride," says that one annoying guy in the office every day for christ's sake.


Downton Abbey 3D Adventures




The Office (American)-a-whirl


This ride would take a popular British tilt-a-whirl and make it enjoyable for people with the capacity for happiness.


Full House Rocket Blast



You would get a pretty standard roller coaster from Full House Rocket Blast except for two things: First, an animatronic version of Jesse and the Rippers would be playing for everyone in line, and second, at the end of the ride you would get a hug from a man in a really nice mullet wig and be told that no matter what you do, you'll always be a part of his family.


The Big Bang Theory Writer's Room Adventures!


Have you ever wanted to see what the Big Bang Theory's Writer's Room is like? If so, you'll enjoy sitting in a slow-moving tram car taking in animatronic elderly white men berating nice people who are passionate about science and Batman.


What TV shows would you like to see be made into a theme park ride? Let us know in the comments below!


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