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TV Shows Too Awful For The New Fall Season

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For every new fall program that breaks ground by starring a cop, a doctor or a lawyer (or features an insomniac who works as a medical-licensed policeman who tries his own cases) there are hundreds of shows that never make it to air for obvious reasons. Here are just a few of those unsold pilots…


Our Horribly Offensive Baby

He’s cute. He’s cuddly. He’s the worst human being imaginable.


Tough Cookie

The cross-country adventures of someone who never lets the fact that he can be eaten or drowned in milk get in the way of opening his big, fat mouth.


The Surrealist Bachelor

A nightmarish reality show designed to see just how much people are willing to put up with to be on a reality show.


Galileo Galilei: Awesome Dude

The story of your typical astronomer/physicist/philosopher/chick magnet who never plays by the rules, whether it’s the Church or “The Man.”


Uninvolved Dad

A loving throwback to 1950’s sitcoms when dads spent all their time at the office except for home dinners and family cocktails.


Left-Hand Drawn Protagonist

Introducing a brand new cartoon character drawn by animators who really thought they were ambidextrous but, alas, were not.



A heartwarming PBS children’s program about alcoholic choo-choo trains who repeatedly fall off the wagon…and the occasional bridge.

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