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Two Girls Busted For Sneaking Into Justin Bieber’s Hotel Room!

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The Biebs was muy furiouso when he found out that two of his "fans" had snuck into his hotel room.

The Biebs has been staying at the Hard Day's Night Hotel in Liverpool, in the luxurious McCartney penthouse suite. Fans have swarmed the hotel since his arrival.

In a scene reminiscent of a Beatles movie the two teen girls, 16 & 18 snuck into a side door of the hotel, found some housekeeping uniforms, changed into them and then took the service elevator up to Justin's suite.

They knocked at the door announcing "housekeeping" and were let in to do their work.

The girls pretended to clean and were left alone to do their business. Justin wasn't in the suite at the time but a member of his entourage in another part of the suite heard the girls giggling in the other room, and came in to bust them as they were trying to climb into the bed!

They had been taking pictures of Justin's personal belongings with their cell phones.

The girls got a "telling-off" and then were evicted from the premises.

Needless to say the Bieb's was furious about the invasion of his privacy. He immediately checked out of his hotel and slept on his tour bus that night.

A hotel spokeswoman insisted she had no knowledge of the upset and added: “There was a strong police presence outside not letting in members of the public, plus we employed an extra 20 security personnel.”

Too bad none of those extra guards bothered to guard the side entrance to the hotel. The Biebs, being the nice guy that he is, hasn't really commented on the incident.

What do you think about these girls sneaking into Bieber's hotel room? Should they be charged with a crime? Or should Justin expect things like this in his life? I look forward to reading your funny Bieber comments below!

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