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Two-Sentence Movie Reviews 2: Karate Kid & More…

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Smosh Pit resident film critic, ThatJerkDan, sums up this past weekend's top five films at the box office.


1. The Karate Kid

This movie takes place in China and the kid in it learns Kung Fu not Karate.

Dumb title; pretty good movie.


2. The A-Team

This movie has explosions, machine guns and more explosions.

It’s the most perfect of American cinema since Citizen Kane.


3. A Piece Of Work

This is documentary about a female comedian that you are way too young to know or care about.

Don’t worry, nobody old enough to know who she is cares either.


4. Mademoiselle Chambon

This slow, boring movie is in French and is about a school teacher.

Save yourself the eight bucks and the headache and just go see The A-Team again.


5. The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall

and Felt Superbad About It

You should totally go see this movie…

If you get in a fight with your eyes, ears and brain and want like to punish them.


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