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Unbelievable Microsculptures

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If you you're not really paying attention, you may not even be able to see these unbelievable works of art. Artists use little homemade tools, paints and single hairs to carve and paint these amazing microsculptures. The sculptures themselves are carved from grains of rice, sand and sugar. Then they mount these amazing little scuptures into the eyes of needels, fish hooks and on the heads of nails. It takes many months to complete just one scupture. It's pretty amazing stuff.


Homer and Bart Simpson


Henry The VIII And His Wives




The Wizard Of Oz


The Incredible Hulk


Snow White And The Seven Dwarves


Nelson Mandela


Camels Through The Needle's Eye


Peter Pan


The Moon Landing


The Statue Of Liberty


The Obama Family


Elvis Presley


The Last Supper


P. Diddy


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