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Unbelievable Things Found Inside The Human Body

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Though doctors thought that 75-year-old Ron Sveden had a cancerous tumor growing on his left lung, what they actually found had him as happy as a pea in a pod…



Not only was he cancer free, what the doctors actually found was a pea plant sprouting off of his left lung. He’s got such a green thumb he can even grow plants inside his own body! Same with this guy….



This Russian man underwent surgery to have a cancerous growth removed, only for doctors to discover that it was a small fir tree growing on his lung. Talk about one's own secret garden… So it got me thinking, what other crazy things have been found in the human body?


Leather Belt

20-year-old man Anuj Ranjan underwent a surgical procedure meant to treat tuberculosis, for which he was diagnosed. Instead doctors found an eight-inch leather belt in his chest, which he asserted had been lodged in his body from a terrible auto accident in 2006. Strange that it was discovered during surgery, the fact that his pants kept falling down should have told him something.


Surgical Tools

This is common enough that doctors and medical institutions have been sued for this before. You'd think that the people who need to pay the most attention during surgery would be smart enough to remember all their tools. Nurse, have you seen the scalpel?



This actually happened when a woman was kissing her partner, and accidentally swallowed his dentures. Picturing old people making out is gross enough… more Fixodent? Super Glue?


A Plane And Other Objects

Michael Lotito is a French Entertainer famous for eating all kinds of objects not made to be eaten. His most famous was a small plane, which took him two years to consume (1978-'80). I wouldn't want to be anywhere near his bathroom after he's had his morning coffee…


20 Cobblestones

A Chinese woman swallowed the cobblestones after having a serious fight with her boyfriend. Love can make you do some funny things but this is ridiculous.



The internet is full of stories of people and little kids swallowing keys. A college student was attending a party and had a bit too much to drink. When his friends insisted that he go home, he swallowed his key so that he could stay.



72 year old Prax Sanchez was pretty shocked when he coughed and a nail came out of his nose, but that's exactly what happened one day. After having an MRI… doctors think that the powerful magnet in the MRI dislodged the nail and Sanchez body spit it out. He said that he has no idea how long the nail had been there since he doesn't remember how it got there.


78 Forks, Knives and Spoons

Doctors in the Netherlands were completely blown away when a 52-year-old woman came in to the emergency room complaining of stomach pain. After an X-ray they discovered 78 pieces of silverware in her stomach.


10 lb Ball Of Hair

A teenage girl suffered from a psychological ailment called Trichophagia, which caused her to eat her own hair. While most teenage girls are concerned with split ends, she's having hers for lunch.


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