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An Unholy Orb Made of 42,000 MATCHES Was Set Ablaze: Let’s All Worship It

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Youtuber All Is Art go together some 42,000 matches and crafted from them a large orb. When set ablaze, this wondrous orb was consumed slowly and beautifully by flame, as our Earth one day will be. Let us celebrate in the upcoming end of all by watching the Orb turn to the sort of black, charred surface we will all one day be forced to adapt to:

Yes… from nothing shall come a rebirth…< br />

Wow. It truly is a lot of matches. Think of how long it must have taken to build that, only to see its destruction before your very eyes. Remind you of anything? (The answer is “Society After The Fall”.)

How will you survive once the Ancient Ones rise again and cleanse this Earth of all they do not deem Beautiful? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!