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US Government Issues Official Tips For The Zombie Apocalypse!

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Friends… are you ready???? Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?


Well it might be time for you to get ready!

The Centers for Disease Control released a blog that jokingly mentioned "zombie apocalypse." They are trying to get American's to prepare for hurricane season, which officially starts June 1st… and thought that a joking reference to the impending zombie apocalypse might drive a little traffic… and boy did it! The "zombie apocalypse" thing drove so much traffic that the site crashed, the servers went down and by Wednesday the topic was trending on Twitter. 

If there's one thing that American's love more than a Zombie, it's a total Zombie Apocalypse.


The timing couldn't have been better considering that there are predictions for the rapture to happen on Saturday May 21st (TOMORROW! GET READY!) So of course everyone has the end of times on their mind, and the CDC talking about a zombie apocalypse on their blog was just about all the public needed to wet their computer chairs. 


"If you prepare for the zombie apocalypse, you'll be prepared for all hazards," said CDC spokesman Dave Daigle. He's got a point. If Zombies get people excited to actually go out and prepare a kit for some kind of fake disaster, then they will be ready for a real one if it hits.

Now, I know that most SMOSH readers are completely prepared for a zombie apocalypse… I'm guessing that more of you are ready for that than an earthquake or other natural disaster. If not, then it's time you get on this sh*t my friend!


Here's a few things you're going to need: Water, food, medications, tools & supplies, sanitation & hygiene products, clothing, bedding, important documents, zombie killing weapons and first aid supplies.

Alright, the CDC doesn't recommend weapons but if you're going to be prepared for zombies as well as natural disaster, you're gonna need something that can kill zombies… guns, baseball bats, shovels? Whatever it takes.


So now that you have one day left on this planet before the rapture and all hell breaks loose, you might want to go to Walmart and put together a small survival kit… just incase. I mean, you NEVER know.

Are you ready for a zombie apocalypse? How about an earthquake? Hurricane? Is the world ending tomorrow? Let's talk it out in the comments below.

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