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US Navy Pilot Draws Giant Penis in the Sky, Twitter Is Amused but Navy Is NOT

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The US Navy has admitted that a penis drawn in the sky by jet exhaust yesterday was done by one of their pilots, calling it “unacceptable”. The penis drawing in question appeared above Okanogan County in Washington. Residents tweeted about the penis, and most were pleasantly amused and even proud of the aerial phallic outline…

The US Navy does not agree with those who found the penis drawing funny and has reportedly ordered an inquiry. A spokesperson for the Navy explained, “From a Navy standpoint, we do hold our aircrew to the highest standards and this is absolutely unacceptable. It has zero training value and the aircrew is being held accountable.” Zero training value? Those are clearly not easy maneuvers to make! Those balls are perfectly proportioned! And that is a HUGE penis, one the American people can look up to and say, “Wow. When our Navy pilots do a bit, they commit“. And I, frankly, feel a lot safer in a world where our Navy Pilots are as skilled as they are committed.

As for the pilot, luckily they won’t face any kind of legal punishment or lose their pilot license for this act, because the FAA released a statement saying that the maneuver didn’t appear to pose a safety risk and that they “cannot police morality”.

What do you think about the Navy pilot’s penis drawing? Admirable or punishable? Let us hear your thoughts @Smosh!