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Valedictorian’s Diploma Held Because She Said ‘Hell’ in Graduation Speech!

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Kaitlin Nootbaar was Prauge High School's valedictorian, having earned straight A's throughout her high scool career, and was even awarded a full scholoarship to college this fall. But now the Oklahoma school is treating her like any other slack off, retail-assistant-manager-to-be and is refusing to give her a diploma.

blockbuster employee
Pictured: Your fate if you don't get a high school diploma.

So what's keeping Kaitlin from getting her diploma? Well, during her graduation speech she talked about the indecisiveness all students feel as they approach the end of high school and mentioned a number of possible career paths sh was considering, but didn't know which one was the right choice. "How the hell should I know?" Kaitlin asked the crowd.

And there it is—because she said "hell", Kaitlin's diploma is being held until she writes an apology letter. But to who? The school board? The parents in the audience? Hell itself?

giant satan
"I do not wish to be associated with the indecisiveness of teenagers!"

The other odd thing about this story is that Katilin's father told reporters her speech was inspired by the Twilight film "Eclipse". But that doesn't quite make sense—how could a swear word have gotten into a speech inspired by the incredibly, stupidly chaste characters in Twilight?

twilight kids edward bella
"Have you ever thought about, you know, S-E-X?"
"Do you mean 'sex'? Just say 'sex'."


It appears as though whoever is making this decision (and we don't know exactly who that is because the school board refuses to comment) is so lost in minutia that they're punishing their best student for saying the most innocuous of swear words in front of a crowd of people. "Hell" is offensive if you tell someone to go to there, because you're wishing them an eternity of misery. Fine, be offended by that. But when a graduating high school senior uses it to express how truly uncertain she is about her future? The true content of that sentiment is both honest and universal. It takes an incredibly small mind to be offended by details when the true sentiment of the statement is so clear.

half life 3
You hear that, internet gaming community? "I can't imagine you'll see Half-Life 3 this year"


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