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Vamp Camping For The Eclipse Premiere

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So summer is here and it's time to go to camp. Vamp camping…

Jobless Twilight fans and their camping gear migrated in droves to the L.A. Live Plaza in Los Angeles to get a place in line to hopefully see this special screening of Twilight Eclipse.  

A few thousand more are expected to join the 500 plus people, by Thursday night. Some will attempt to see the movie, others are just happy to hang out to get a glimpse of those sexy teenager vampires walking the red carpet for the premiere on Thursday.

I'm sure you're just dying to know what happens at Camp Eclipse? Well, I'll tell you. It’s just like any other summer camp you would go to…

There are picnic lunches.


Arts and crafts.


 Dressing giant cardboard cut outs of Robert Pattinson contests.

Until now, there was no real market for Twilight tents. So fans had an unofficial tent-decorating contest, to create their own.

The clear winner was these girls with their amazing New Moon T-shirt Tent! Way to go!

The clear loser was THIS girl who jam packed her Hello Kitty tent with a bunch of farting nerds.

This chick doesn't even care about a tent, she'll be making sweet love to to her Robert Pattison blanket all night.

For those who think tents are for wussies… You could lounge around in a simple Twilight beach towl.

After lunch, campers get out their books for a mandatory camp-wide Twilight story hour.

And at bedtime, everyone gathers around the campfire and sings songs from the Twilight soundtrack together, while roasting S’mores.

Okay, I made that one up about singing around a campfire. But it sounds nerdtastic!

I hope my mom and dad send me to Camp Eclipse next Twilight sequel premiere! I can't wait for the new movie to come out. What do you think about the movie? Is it going to rock? I hope it rocks.


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