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Very Best Of FML: Batman Edition!

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You know, since he's lost his parents, his girlfriend, and Harvey Dent, Gotham's symbol of hope, Batman is probably screaming "FML" pretty regularly.


I also have unfathomable wealth

bruce wayne parents

Today, I was talking to my co-workers about how I've sadly been an orphan since an early age. One of them exclaimed, "Hey, just like Batman!" FML







Not the reply I deserve but the one I need right now

kid in batman maskToday, after trying to find the perfect picture for the guy I have a huge crush on, I finally found one and sent it to him. His return picture? Himself in a Batman mask and sombrero. FML







Why do we fall, Bruce?

broken arm batmanToday, my twin boys who are 5 decided to teach each other how to fly off the shed out back. They are still in their pajamas. Batman's arm is broken and Spiderman has a slight concussion. FML







You're doing it wrong

batmen mugging

Today, two random guys proclaiming that they were both Batman attacked me on the street. FML








Batman is the yummiest superhero

fun batman cakeToday, my fiancé informed me he didn't want a regular wedding cake, he wants a Batman cake. I have nothing against this, except that he already decided the wedding theme would be Star Wars. Essentially, I'm marrying a child. FML







Some moms just want to watch the world burn

whiteboard batman drawing

Today, we got a new dry-erase board, and I drew the Gotham City skyline complete with the Bat Signal. Later, I went downstairs, only to find my mom had written "BATMAN’S GAY" over the top of the picture. FML







And you thought GOTHAM'S reckoning was bad…

bdark knight dvd caseToday, I lent my parents a copy of "The Dark Knight", saying it was one of my favorite movies so they needed to watch it. A bit later my mom called… Apparently my roommate wanted to watch it as well, but couldn't find the case to his porno and decided to just use the Batman case instead. FML







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