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Very Best Of FML: Vegetarian Edition!

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Let's be honest—the world runs on meat. Form high powered business meetings over chicken to buffalo wings eaten by Congress, it's hard to get anything done without meat. this leaves the poor vegetarians cursing their lives.


I'm delicious!

super meat boy

Today, when I told my family I was a vegetarian, I expected them to make fun of me because that's just my family. But what I wasn't expecting was my dad to use raw meat as a puppet and make it say, "Eat me! Eat me!" then throw it at my face. FML






Like I'm tempting myself

sweaty personToday, I noticed that when I sweat I smell like bacon. I'm a vegetarian. FML








And now it's in YOU

eating meatToday, my ex-boyfriend called to tell me that he had always made a point to eat some form of meat before making out with me. He'd known I was a vegetarian since the day we met. FML







Ah, to be in love

chicken wings

Today, I told my boyfriend that I love him. He responded with, "That's nice. You know what I love? Chicken wings. Let's go get some." Apparently, he doesn't remember I'm a vegetarian either. FML






Why do you hate me, body?

grilling steakToday, I drove past a fragrant steakhouse and my mouth began to water and my stomach started rumbling, which would've been perfectly fine if it wasn't for the fact that I'm a vegan and an animal lover. My confused body craves burning flesh. FML







"I'll explain what I know about vegetarians thusly…"

thin vegan Today, an old man started telling me about the high price of meat. I told him I wouldn't know, since I'm a vegetarian. His reply was, "Oh, most vegetarians are slimmer." FML







"Can I get a Number One with extra meat?"

big mac mealToday, I saw a homeless man asking for money for food. Not wanting to give him money so he'd spend it on booze, I decided to buy him a full big mac meal from McDonalds. When I went to hand it to him, he quickly waved his hand, denying it saying, "Thanks but I'm a vegetarian". FML







Honor us. HONOR US.

pig roast

Today, I got a letter back from the family I will be staying with as a part of an exchange program. Apparently they own a slaughterhouse type farm, and I'm expected to kill one of their animals and eat it as a gift from the family. I'm a vegan. FML






Mmmm. Cruelty.

big cheeseburger

Today, after having been a vegetarian for 8 years because I'm opposed to cruelty to animals, I lost a bet and had to eat a whole cheeseburger. I loved it. FML








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