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Very Best of FMLife! iPhones Edition!

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You know when you get a new iPhone and your life just COMPLETELY changes? And you know how two weeks after you get an iPhone and your life just completely changes BACK? Yeah, that part sucks. FML.


I moustache you a question

girl with moustache

Today, I sent my boyfriend a nude picture, he sent it back to me with a mustache on my face from that iPhone app and told me he likes it much better that way. FML








The Lord giveth…

broken iphoneToday, I bought my first iPhone. Today, I broke my first iPhone. FML








Snack pack

iphone with gumToday, I gave my little brother my iPhone so he could play a game. I soon forgot about it, and when I got it back two hours later, there was pudding and a couple of big cracks in it. FML







Be careful what you wish for

cracked iphone

Today, I used a prank app, where you shake the cell, and it makes the screen looks cracked. I ended up losing my grip on the phone. It went flying, and it is now cracked for real. FML







Double trouble

tossing iphone

Today, I threw my brand new iPhone 4 in the air whilst laying on my bed. It came down, went through my fingers, landed on my balls, then broke on the concrete floor. FML







Not the time for a typo

iphone password Today, I had a violent sneezing attack while changing my phone's password and now I have no idea what it could be. FML







Better planning, dude!

wheat thinsToday, a guy asked for my number. He used the rather annoying "You know, this iPhone has everything… but you know the only thing that's missing is your number." I might have given it to him, if he did have the iPhone, not the makeshift box of Mini Wheat Thins he had in his hand. FML







UI problems

iphone in bed

Today, I woke up to the sight of my boyfriend playing a game on my iPhone with his penis. FML






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