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Very Best Of FMyLife: Bad Dads

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Father's day is a day when we remember our dads and how great they are. But what if your dad is a jerk? That's where FMylife comes in, collecting worst moments of our lives, all in one place. Here are some of the best FML moments about dads!


At Least He Hadn't Sold It For Booze



Today, my watch broke so I casually mentioned to my dad that I needed a new one. A little while later he hands me this really nice watch. He says, "Here, this one's been lying around for a while". It was the watch I gave him for Father's Day. FML





"Unwilling To Connect Emotionally Dad!" Tuesdays On CBS!

breakup subToday, my boyfriend of 6 months broke up with me. I was crying for over an hour in my room. My dad came in and asked what was wrong. Just as I was about to tell him, he stops me and simply says "Oh, honey. I don't care… Just keep the noise down." Then walks out. FML







To Be Fair He Was Trying To Sell Your Dad A Wireless Router

Cat toaster


Today, my dad cussed out an individual on the phone because he thought it was a telemarketer. He was my Indian girlfriend's father. FML







He Sounds Like A Pretty Funny Dad, Actually

highToday, I woke up to my Playstation 3 and my laptop missing and window open. My dad faked a robbery to see me freak out. FML








At Least He'd Been Eating Potpourri



Today, the girl I have a crush on came over to work on a project. My dad rushed into the room we were in, farted, and then ran out giggling. FML







So, Did She Explode Or Not?

dislikeToday, I had my new girlfriend over for dinner. Halfway through the meal, my dad started poking her with his fork. When I asked him what the hell he was doing, he barked back, "Just making sure she isn't a blow-up doll!" FML







Hey, How Many People Can Say Their Parents Defeated A Lich King?

dog collar



Today, I realized that I'll have to explain to my child that mommy and daddy met on World of Warcraft. FML






Are There Fathering Classes At The Local Community College He Could Take?

cupToday, my family went to Seaworld. When we got there, my dad sarcastically told me not to get lost, because I might get mistaken for Shamu. FML








So When Are You Gonna Meet?




Today, I received a friend request on Facebook from my biological father, who I have never met in my life. As I was scrolling through his hobbies and interests, I saw "Drinking," "Black women with big asses," and "Getting laid, lol." FML





They Were Right

SnakeToday, my brother and father thought it would be a good idea to wake me up by turning on a chainsaw and wearing hockey masks. FML








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