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Very Best Of FMyLife: Horrible Bosses Edition!

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Bosses are almost always pretty the worst people there are… that's where FMylife comes in, collecting worst moments of our lives, all in one place. Here are some of the best FML moments about bosses!


Ah, Your Boss Must Have Taken The Famous Hypocritic Oath


Today, I was caught going on Facebook at work. I was called into my bosses office to be reprimanded, and while he was lecturing me on the importance of staying focused and the misuse of company property, his computer beeped. It was his Facebook chat notifying him he had a new message. FML







Quite The Logic Leap

breakup subToday, one of my bosses came into work and told me that they had seen my dad's twin in the supermarket holding hands and kissing a much younger woman and her baby. My dad doesn't have a twin. FML








Tell Him You Guys Can Share

Cat toaster

Today, my boss fired me for dating a co-worker. There's no policy forbidding it; he just thought it was unfair that I could get with the "hottest girl who works here" but he can't. I live in an at-will employment state. FML







Does He Keep Trying To Eat His Own Hair Too?

highToday, I watched my boss try to stick a magnet to cardboard. FML









You Should Have Told Her To Get Back To Having Babies


Today, I found out that as a supervisor, if you reprimand a female worker and end the conversation with "Now get back to making sandwiches." your boss will consider it sexism and suspend you. I work at Subway. FML







Your Boss Is AWESOME

dislikeToday, I was chosen by my coworkers to explain to my elderly boss that ''tossing the salad'' isn't another expression for saying ''brainstorming''. She didn't believe me. Guess we will all keep ''tossing the salad'' for new ideas each afternoon. FML







You should untag yourself then…

dog collar

Today, my boss decided to post a photo of a piece of crap on Facebook. He tagged me in it. FML








At Least Now You Can Finally Ask Him Out

cupToday, I got fired from the job I'd had for eleven years for going onto Facebook while on the clock. When I got home, I saw that my boss had updated his status, from work, to "Finally fired that bitch." FML







Wear Bigger Boobs


Today, I found out that the reason I'm working as a kitchen staff instead of out on the floor of the café is because the boss does not think I'm attractive enough. My boss is my brother. FML








Grow Them Crops!

SnakeToday, my boss told me that if I didn't become his neighbor on Farmville I wouldn't have a job. I laughed. He didn't. FML








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