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Video Game Characters who Failed their Driver’s Test the First Time

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After I failed my first driver's test, I went home utterly dismayed. I had to take the bus back and the fact that my grandma was yelling at me because she now had no way to get to her chemotherapy didn't make things any easier. I can't imagine how disappointing it must have been for these video game characters when they failed their first driver's test!




The first time Altair took his road test he accidentally assassinated his examiner. And that examiner was just one day away from retirement, as all people who die on the job are.


Pyramid Head


Pyramid Head simply didn't have enough on-road experience to pass his first driver's test. He reacted to the failure by skinning his examiner, but really, the fault was his own. That's what happens when you skin your Behind the Wheel instructor.


Commander Shepard


The ending of Commander Shepard's driver's test was incredibly disappointing — He failed, but it ultimately had nothing to do with the choices he'd made during the test and there were a lot of unanswered questions about whether some of his other friends had passed their tests. Shepard started a petition to change the ending of his test, but despite tens of thousands of signatures, the DMV is waiting for more people to take their driver's test before they'll even discuss the matter.


Nathan Drake


Not only did Nathan Drake kill his examiner, he killed all the other examiners that started pouring out of the DMV. It took him like 30 minutes and it was not fun. And while this seems excessive you have to keep in mind that Nathan Drake had to get 25 headshots at the DMV if he wanted to get the Platinum trophy.




Did you know that using a mushroom to get a speed boost is an instant driver's test fail? Mario claims he didn't. He said he thought it would only make him grow bigger. But the DMV wasn't buying it. Everyone knows that when you're walking mushrooms make you grow bigger and when you're driving they make you go faster. It's just common sense.


Samus Aran


Because one of her hands is a gun, Samus wasn't able to keep her hands at ten and two for the entirety of the test. That alone was enough for her to fail, but it didn't help that she accidentally let out a morph ball bomb during the 90 degree backup. Her examiner did not survive.




Listen. We all know where this is going. Kratos failed and ripped his examiner apart limb from limb to feast upon his heart. Video game characters do not necessarily have the most healthy way of dealing with their negative feelings.


Did you fail your driver's test the first time? How did you kill your examiner? Let us know in the comments!


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