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Video Game Ghosts That Are Haunting Luigi’s Mansion!

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At E3, Nintendo showed off on its biggest upcoming titles for the 3DS – Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. But since there were only so many ways for Nintendo could differentiate this sequel from the original Luigi's Mansion, it looks like some of the ghosts Luigi will need to capture are actually ghosts making cameos from other games. Let's see who they are—


Pacman ghosts

pacman ghosts


Sticking these goofy-looking, lovable ghosts in Luigi's Mansion: Dark moon will tell us once and for all – are there any ghosts Luigi isn't afraid of. You'd think after playing through the entire first Luigi's Mansion he'd have acclimated a little bit to ghosts.


Fox McCloud's dad

james mccloud starfox 64


Even though Fox McCloud's ghost dad was a good guy and saved Fox when Venom was exploding at the end of Star Fox 64, it will still be hard for Luigi to come face-to-face with a ghost dad after the years and years of emotional abuse from his own father. Mamma mia-a-a-a!


Probably something from Silent Hill

silent hill pyramid head


I never actually made it through any of those games. There were probably ghosts in it, right? It seems like the type of game that would have ghosts.


All the infinite parallel universe Marios that have died

mario dies


If string theory is to believed, everything possibility that ever could happen has happened and anything ever imagined already exists, only in it's own parallel world. that means that every time you fell off an airship in Mario Bros. 3, every time Ludwig Von Koopa pushed you off a teetering platform into a pool of lava, every time you ran into a goddamn goomba trying to learn the controls in World 1-1, the only Mario from that universe was dying. Do you know how many Marios have died through the years? Even in an endless, infinite tapestry of universes, no one being has been killed more times than Mario.

It's crazy to think you could murder someone over and over again, time after time, 1-up after 1-up, and not face any of the consequences. All these Marios will get their revenge not on Luigi, but on the very players themselves. Oh, the horrors that have been planted will be reaped come the release of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon – coming this holiday from Nintendo™!


Some ghosts from Ghost Recon

ghost recon fuure soldier


"All teams, fall back! We've got a hostile with a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner. DAMMIT I SAID EVERYONE FALL BACK."


His own past

luigi scared to open door


The end boss of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will finally see Luigi face the ghost that has haunted him throughout his every video game appearance – his father and the all those years of neglect. And to think, most video game critics thought the therapy mini-game was just another attempt by Nintendo to pander to the casual crowd.


Andrew Ryan

andrew ryan philosophy


Even though Andrew Ryan never became a ghost in his own game, BioShock, the ghost of his Objectivist ideals haunted Rapture long after its fall. These ghosts will haunt Luigi in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon when a bunch of college freshman act like dicks to him.


Which ghost most gives you the chills? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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