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Video Games Are Actually Good For You???

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WOOHOO! Finally a scientific study that we can all fully get behind! Instead of poo-pooing everything we wanna eat or spend our time doing, it validates our choices and gives us some sweet ammo to throw at all the busy-body do-gooders who try to bring us down! A study done at Simon Frazier University has show that games like Starcraft 2, 'improve players' multitasking and cognitive skills.'  So video games are not killing your brain, your video killing is improving your brain. I love when science wins!


The research shows that gamers are able to make decisions up to 25 times faster and are able to concentrate at 6 different things at a time without getting confused. Try using these scientific FACTS the next time your mom complains that you need some fresh air. It'll probably work way better than your patented method of throwing yourself into the wall and having a raging hissy fit.


Of course the naysayers have come out to remind us of that this new info doesn't change the past research showing the darkside of excessive gaming. Including studies that show those who game to extremes tend to be overweight, introverted and depressed. Whatever, haters! Don't let those naysayers steal our moment in the sun! Even if it is indirect sunlight.


After all, today's gamers could end up tomorrow's surgeons or hostage negotiators or Navy SEALs. I guess to be fair I should acknowledge that yes, some of today's gamers will end up tomorrow's basement dwelling, hot pocket eating 38-year-old momma's boys. But not US!  RIGHT??


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