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Video Games Are Good For Girls

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You heard me right. A recent study done by The Journal Of Adolescent Health shows that girls who play a moderate amount of video games were generally better behaved and show lower rates of depression…

The catch is that you have to play the video games with your PARENTS!

That's right the study showed that girls who play video games with their PARENTS were generally better behaved and show lower rates of depression, more feelings of familial closeness and less aggression than girls who played alone or even with friends.

So next time your Mom or Dad tell you to get off the game system, just tell them to pull up a controller and play with you.

Sorry dudes! The study did not show the same results for boys.

Not just any game will work, you need to be playing collaborative games like Rock Band, not a single player game. And again we're talking about moderate amounts of game-play. Too much of anything is a bad thing but every study that we have found seems to show that moderate amounts of game play are good for just about everyone.

There are so many magazines and websites dedicated to girl gamers these days that it's easy for a girl to get her game on.

I spoke to full-time gamer Cricket Lee the Editor & Chief at who had some excellent suggestions for Smosh readers. I asked her which games would be best for girls to play with their parents and she said, "That's why Kinect was made, games like Dance Central,Kinect Sports,Kinect Adventures, or other multi-player games like Halo Reach & DJ Hero, any kind of music rhythm game is good for family play. Just about anything on the Wii is open territory for families. That's one of the reasons the Wii was invented, to promote family gaming."

So get out there and get your game on girls, and don't be afraid to give mom and dad the ol' beat down! It's good for your health!


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