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Video Games Are Good For Your Health

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Hey guys, turns out that video gaming is good for your health.

So says a news study out of Yale, published Monday in their Journal of Pediatrics

Among boys, video games are even linked to a lower chance that they'll take up smoking. I mean who wants to stop playing just to light up? Not me.

Action games can improve vision and in some cases even cure Amblyopia (or lazy eye) which is normally treated by making the patient wear an eye patch over their good eye, forcing the lazy eye to focus. Some video games can achieve in 1 hour what eye patches do in 400 hours according to researchers at Nottingham University.

Researchers at the University of Rochester did a study and found that first person shooter games improve the players visual skills by increasing the brains ability to focus on a wide variety of things on the screen at one time.

Playing Tetris can improve a brain functions. On a test conducted on girls, those who played Tetris for 30 minutes a day developed a thicker cortex in their brain than girls who didn't play at all.

On tests conducted on Parkinson's patients it was found that spending about 30 minutes a day with the Wii Fit increased their balance and actually slowed the decline of many of their abilities.

Iowa state conducted a test on surgeons and found that surgeons who played 3 hours or more of video games a week had significantly reduced their mistakes in surgical procedures.

Now, we're not talking about obsessive game play, it seems that your average boy plays about 14 hours of video games a week and your average girl plays around 5. If you're neglecting your chores and your friends to play video games that can't be good, but an hour or two of video games a day may not be such a bad thing.

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