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Video Games That Are Perfect for People In Relationships

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Relationships are nice. They give you someone who has your back. Someone who understands you more than you understand yourself. They’re the Hyrule Shield to your Master Sword. And speaking of video game metaphors, what if you want to play some video games with your significant other? How can you push each other’s buttons without, you know, pushing each other’s buttons? We’ve got a collection of games that will strengthen your relationship and let you have some fun. Player 2 has officially entered the game. Ready to press start?

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime


First of all, “lovers” is right there in the title. Second, it has absolutely adorable aesthetics. You play as cute lil’ animals adventuring around multi-colored worlds with a dang pink ship. It is the perfect design to foster snuggling. Finally, it’s the perfect couch co-op game as a game and a metaphor. Your characters pilot the same spaceship, controlling different facets. You must work together to strategize, but maintain your own independent space. In other words, it’s the perfect symbol of a healthy romantic relationship. While you’re, you know, teasing each other on the couch for doinking up.



LBP is satisfying and stimulating for a couple different reasons. It’s one of the few console platformers that actually feels more intuitive with multiple players. Whereas a New Super Mario Bros. becomes hectic and chaotic if you add even one other character, LittleBigPlanet’s levels exponentially grow in joy and ease with more people playing. Plus, you get to create your own levels, from the platforming elements to the music and cutscenes. It’s a great way to foster cumulative creativity, or challenge each other to your own creations. And, you know, tease each other on the couch for doinking up.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead


This is a single player game, and a dark one at that. Why would it be good for couples? It boils down to the choices. If you haven’t submerged yourself in the moral quandaries of Telltale’s Walking Dead series, it’s centered around a series of difficult choices you must make. Based on these choices, certain events take place or don’t take place, and characters live or die. If you’re the type of couple who has trouble deciding where to eat, playing this game can act as a bit of immersion therapy. You have to make a joint decision now, or this little kid might die! Plus, you can, you know, tease each other on the couch for doinking up and getting your ass eaten by a walker.



Sports games are the perfect distillation of “friendly competition”, which is a nice place for “couples playing video games” to live. Two people pick their favorite teams and hash it out. That’s it! Right? Well, with modern sports games, there’s so much rigamarole to get through before the game. Do you play manager mode? Do you create your own character? Do you keep “TV presentation mode” on or skip through those weird animations? And why does “realism” have to equate to “slow, clunky controls”? And that’s where NBA Jam comes in. It’s a fast-paced, stylish, supremely entertaining basketball game that lets you get into it right quick. It’s 2-on-2 basketball, and you can play on the same team or face each other. But be warned: the spirit of the game might have you two “heating up”. Or, depending on how you play, “doinking up”.

Rock Band


Rock Band is so much for fun for people who love each other. You’re making music together! What’s more romantic than that? There’s lots of surprising joy to be had in the realization that your significant other has a perfect Iron Maiden belt, or knows all the bass lines to Foo Fighters. Check out the original series for a fair amount of eclectic track choices, or go deep on The Beatles Rock Band, since all you need is love. Plus, you can graduate from the plastic instruments into learning real instruments together. Plus you can tease each other on the couch for doinking up drum fills.

Letter Quest: Remastered


RPGs are usually a solo experience. The level of depth, the monotonous grinding away to upgrade your stats, and slow pace of turn-based combats just intuitively feel designed for a single player. But what if you want a couples’ RPG? A CRPG, if you will? Letter Quest: Remastered is a nice starter game. You have all the trappings of traditional RPGs — dungeons, monsters, mage-like characters, lots of stats and items and upgrades — with refreshingly accessible gameplay. Monsters in the game are defeated by spelling words. The longer the words, the stronger your attack. Thus, you and your significant other can basically play “cool Scrabble” together, putting your brains together to pick the best words of attack possible. And, just perhaps, tease each other for doinking up and spelling “cat” three times in a row.

Super Mario 3D World


You can be Peach in a cat suit. Your significant other can be Mario in a cat suit. You can run around cute kingdoms as lil’ kitty cats and scratch up goombas and collect coins and jump on flags at the ends of levels and learn the music for each level and start to sing along together and yes, I suppose, tease each other for doinking up on certain levels. But, mostly, have fun playing a video game together.

Are you planning a game night with your significant other? Which of these games will you give a spin? And what couples-friendly video games did we miss? Let us know on Twitter, ya dang lovebirds!