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Vietnamese Man Hasn’t Slept In Over 30 Years!

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Wouldn't it be awesome to never have to sleep? Think of all you could get done if you didn't have to throw away eight hours every single day. You could play more video games, learn a new language, or even do what I do — spend more time working at the office so you don't have to focus on how unbearably lonely you are!

work at home
Sending emails quiets the screaming in my head!

This is the reality for Thai Ngoc, a Vietnamese farmer who hasn't slept since 1973. Ever since he had a fever in 1973, he's been AWAKE. He's seemingly tried everything from sleep medicine to straight boozing, but nothings worked — Thai Ngoc is a man who hasn't slept in almost 40 years.

thai ngoc
Does that mean he hasn't DREAMT in almost 40 years? 🙁

Some experts aren't buying it, though. Many believe that Ngoc isn't so much always awake forever as he is unable to distinguish between being asleep and awake. That means he's theoretically falling asleep all the time, but not remembering it. And while it sounds nightmarish, not being able to tell if you're awake or not, I asy as someone who's experienced it, it isn's not so bad.

the wire
It's actually the way I feel whenever I watch The Wire.

But if he really is staying awake, Thai Ngoc is amazing. Sleep is such a huge part of my life I can't imagine going without it. Hell, I'm writing this at 6pm and I'm having trouble not taking a nap. But that might just be because I miss all the stuffed animal friends that live on my bed.

bed with stuffed animals
Jesus CHRIST I am lonely.

What would you do with the 8 extra hours a day if you didn't have to sleep? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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